The Airline Boutique is a new online shop dedicated to selling an eclectic range of airline-themed collectibles.


We have produced a DVD taking the viewer through a training session on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 filmed at the Pan Am International Flight Academy in Miami, which is on sale now. More DVD titles will follow, with specific plans for films featuring the Boeing 707 and the Douglas DC-9, and exotic destinations such as Iran, Bangladesh and Somalia.


Meanwhile, in the coming weeks we will be launching product lines related to Biman Bangladesh’s DC-10 farewell flights which took place in Birmingham UK in February 2014, and souvenir packs from Air Koryo, the national carrier of North Korea. We will also be selling products from Pan Am Aware, a shop in Miami specialising in products from Pan Am World Airways.


To source new products, we are working with our friends at Vanguard Aviation and Juche Travel Services who operate aviation-related tours.


We appreciate you visiting our site and hope you will return to see our progress.


Any feedback would be gratefully received.

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