23 March 2017

THE STORY OF THE MD-11 new book available to pre-order in the store now.


21 March 2017

TIGER 747 new book available to pre-order soon!


20 February 2017

Confessions and revelations of an overweight middle-aged international flight steward

Superb new article from Guest blogger Felix Von Tempelhof, read in the blog area now.


4 February 2017


There will be articles from Charles Kennedy and superb new blogs in the weeks to come from some VERY special guests.  Click here to see it now.


20 January 2017

The Island Hopper

New article from Charles Kennedy, read in the blog area now.


20 November 2016

Cathay Pacific 747 farewell

New article from Charles Kennedy, read in the blog area now.


26 October 2016


Christiaan Van Heijst is a Boeing 747 pilot and one of the world's leading aviation photographers. Experience the global aviation scene in hubs such as Chicago and Luxembourg and exotic ports such as Kinshasa, Kabul and Lagos through stunning shots of the aircraft and scenery, shot on the flight deck and the ramp.  Out 5th December - Pre Order in the shop NOW!


9th October 2016


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27th September 2016


Our Lord and Master Charles Kennedy has a seven page article in Aviation Magazine! Get down to your local magazine store and grab yourself a copy today!


18th July 2016

Sebastian Schmits hits No.1!

Our wonderful writer Sebastian Schmitz’s masterpiece is #1 on!


16th July 2016

TAS Manchester Convention

Our little shop at the TAS Manchester convention open for business!  Selling here all day.  COME ALONG!


14 April 2016

Contents of the new PLANEY SCHMITZ book...

(Avgeeks only!)

Hemus Air. Easter Island Airport. By Ilyushin18 To Mogadishu.  First Air. Nature Air. Shizuoka Airport. Region Avia. The Doctor Is In. TAAG. Nuuk Airport. Safi Airways. Flight To Khorog. Congo’s Airports. Eznis. To Sochi By 86. Pluna. New England Airlines. Saba Airport. Arik Air. Il-76 To Antarctica. FlyGeorgia. Churchill Airport. Syrianair. Crossing The Strait Of Magellan. Iran Air Flight Attendants. CAA. To The

Caucasus With KMV.


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Tiger 747 tells the story of the Boeing 747 in service with the Flying Tiger Line, Seaboard World and Federal Express, with an individual history of the thirty-four jumbos operated.

An in-depth historical essay covers the history of the airline, starting with the American Volunteer Group pilots in China in World War 2 that evolved into a fly-by-night cargo outfit in the propliner era, growing in size and sophistication until the Flying Tiger Line was a global brand in air cargo in the golden days of the jet age; with an in-depth look at Seaboard World and Fedex who make up a vital part of the story. A second epic chapter covers the 747 from the early days of the Boeing Airplane Co in the early days of powered flight right up to the latest models, with an emphasis on the 747 Classic. This unique book also includes technical information and descriptions, and pilot and crew memories. An essential addition to every aviation enthusiast’s bookshelf.


After creating the successful but controversial DC-10 jetliner in the 1970s, McDonnell Douglas updated the type to create the MD-11 in the early 1990s.

A lack of resources and time meant the MD-11 became much less – a sales flop with a questionable safety record – and much more – a unique three-engines machine in the twin-jet era that went on to have a long and interesting career both in passenger operations and freight hauling. This book shows the development of the aircraft with a detailed look at the history of Douglas, the path through the DC-10 to the MD-11, it’s troubled entry into service, and its second wind as a reliable cargo hauler. The text is accompanied by a detailed history of every airframe, from delivery to retirement. A fascinating chapter in the history of the Jet Age.




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